Direct Express Delivery‚ Inc. — Same Day Delivery Service

Direct Express Delivery‚ Inc.‚ headquartered in Lexington‚ KY‚ was incorporated in 1996 with the vision of being Central Kentucky’s premier same day courier service. Our management team has over 80 years’ experience in expediting and offers dependable‚ late model‚ company owned equipment‚ and state of the art order entry software. We offer local‚ statewide‚ and regional service to and from Central Kentucky.

Our name–Direct Express Delivery says it all. One order‚ one truck‚ one driver with one job—to deliver when tomorrow is too late. With DED your shipment will arrive safely and on time‚ at its destination.

Email Notification for Proof of Delivery

At your request we offer email notification. Within minutes of your package being delivered you have the option of being notified via email that your shipment has arrived. No more waiting for reception or receiving dock personnel to advise you. Notification of dispatch time and pickup time are also available.

DED same day courier service is used by a wide array of businesses:

DED offers delivery services that other transportation services don’t offer. Examples are warehouse deliveries‚ skid deliveries‚ factory machinery‚ department store displays and scheduled deliveries to convention halls.

Operational Hours & Online Order Entry

DED is available 24 hours a day‚ 365 days a year.
Dispatchers are available to take calls from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday. After hours‚ weekends and holidays access our online order entry system‚ or contact us on our after hours cell phone 859.621.0324.


DED is a member of CLDA. We act as an agent for several national and international freight forwarders and can move shipments over the counter by airlines. All vehicles are proudly marked with the DED logo. All employees have been cleared through Homeland Security’s federal background check and submit to pre–employment and random drug screens. Drivers are uniformed professionals meeting an appearance standard‚ and wear easy to read ID badges.